• Food Grade agar

    Food Grade agar

    Fujian Global Ocean food grade agar uses Indonesia and Chinese seaweeds as raw materials, which it is the natural substance extracted from seaweeds with scientific methods. The agar is one kind of hydrophilic colloids, which cannot dissolved in cool water but easily can be dissolved in boiled water and slowly dissolved in hot water. Fujian Global Ocean food grade agar can form stable gel even solution below 1%, so it is one of the important raw materials in food industry. It can be better app...
  • Bacteriological Agar 

    Bacteriological Agar 

    Fujian Global Ocean medicinal grade agar uses Gelidium as raw materials, extracted by more complicated and scientific methods, which it is essential to do biological cultivation. Fujian Global Ocean medicinal grade agar has the advantages in low gelling temperature, good transparence, no precipitation, etc, .During in biological cultivation, agar as a good coagulating agent can transfer liquid bacteriological medium into solid or half solid bacteriological medium. –Bacteriological culti...
  • Instant Soluble Agar

    Instant Soluble Agar

    Agar, named as agar-agar, is one kind of polysaccharide from gracilaria and other red algae. Due to its special gel forming and healthy characteristics, it has been widely used in food, pharmaceuticals, daily chemical and biological industries. On the basis of normal agar, Fujian Global Ocean Biotechnology Co,.Ltd produces the low temperature instant soluble agar with scientific technology. It has the characteristics of better solubility in low temperature and faster solubility speed, it can ...